Offers complete Passive Pharma packaging solutions with TESSOL

Kool-ex is also set to offer complete Pharma passive packaging solutions - in partnership with TESSOL, a leading player passive box manufacturer - to design and supply Passive Cooling Boxes for intercity & Intra city movement of sensitive time bound, temp controlled medicines such as vaccines, insulins etc. These boxes will have a different insulation technology based on phase change material instead of the currently used EPS (THERMOCOL). These boxes will need much lower charging (cooling) time of 8 hours, against the current 48-72 hours, and will enable multiple use, coupled with features such as live track & trace.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Rajat Gupta, CEO, TESSOL said, “The current crisis ruling our world is one of the biggest challenges in history and the pharmaceutical industry is trying to create a vaccine that will need to be given to billions of people across the globe. TESSOL and Kool-ex have picked the gauntlet, and together have engineered product solutions for pharmaceutical distribution that are world beating, setting new global benchmarks. We are offering an “atmanirbhar” solution that guarantees temperature compliance and traceability of Pharma products till the last point of delivery, hence ensuring the efficacy of the medicine. The solution aims at simplifying the whole process of pharma packaging & distribution, adding technology to ensure end to end traceability.”

Mr. Kunal Agarwal, Director, Kool-ex Warehousing further added, “TESSOL and Kool-ex are delighted to announce their collaboration to combine their respective prowess to create a solution that will revolutionize pharmaceutical distribution in India. We are providing a highly scalable, environmentally sustainable, regulatory compliant & technology driven solution for secondary and last mile distribution of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products like biologics and vaccines including the much awaited COVID-19 vaccines.”