IT Overview


Robust IT to enhance efficiency and customer experience

Tracking temperature through 5 sensors

The Company has designed a customized GPS based system which deploys 5 sensors in the reefers.

  • Temperature in the cold box is monitored by 3 sensors

  • sensors are placed along the doors of the reefer.

High frequency of tracking

Sensors deployed by Kool-ex take readings every 30 seconds and record the readings round the clock, which can be accessed on real time basis.

Alerts to track variations

In case of any temperature deviation, an alarm is triggered within 2 minutes of the deviation, giving the Company the opportunity to make necessary corrections. Clients can directly view the alerts on a mobile app

Customised reports

Customized software enables customers to generate customized reports to check for any deviations during the journey

ERP Systems

ERP covers finance, operations, maintenance, fleet operations, fleet management, human resources, etc. Capable of integrating with the client’s software to enable online & seamless exchange of data without human intervention