The Chilled Space

This segment of Cold Chain represents the movement of very sensitive, high value Pharmaceutical product’s such as Vaccines, Insulin’s, Injectable’ s &Biological’s Since these products are very high in value and sensitive in nature, these are usually stocked in limited quantities by companies.

In India, these products predominantly moved via Air mode using Passive cooling technologies such as Gel Packs &thermocol boxes. Since the life of the Gel Packs was limited to 36-48 hours, Air was the fastest option but very expensive.

Kool-ex successfully launched an Express parcel service in this segment in September 2013 to help the Pharmaceutical industry move these products using Active Cooling technology by road thereby substantially bringing down cost and transit risk due to limited life of the Gel Packs.

This service is widely used by the Pharmaceutical industry with Kool-ex covering all CFA locations across India.